29 September 2017


The standard VAT rate in Poland is 23%.
For certain foods, books, newspapers and limited numbers of other services, reduced rates of 8% and 5% apply.
A number of services are exempt from Polish VAT, such as financial and postal services. Companies with a Polish VAT registration must submit VAT returns to the tax office on a monthly basis.

Registration for VAT in Poland
There are certain scenarios when foreign company must register for VAT purposes in Poland:

  • Sale of goods from warehouse in Poland (consignment warehouse) – sale for private individuals as well as for companies     
  • Delivery of goods per Mail from abroad directly to polish private individuals; if deliveries to individuals exceed 160,000 PLN limit annually VAT registration in Poland is necessary     
  • Passenger transport through Poland
  • Event or concert held by foreign company in Poland     
  • Construction services in Poland provided for a private individual or with the use of subcontractors

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VAT Tax refunds for foreign companies from purchases in  Poland.
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